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Policy Guide on Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees

This policy guide focuses on the role of entrepreneurship in enhancing the positive effects of migration on economic growth and development....Read more

Law No. 04/L-095 on Disaspora and Migration of Kosovo

The purpose of this law is preservation and cultivation of national identity, language, culture and education of diaspora members and their relations with institutions of Kosovo....Read more

National Diaspora Policy of the Republic of Burundi

The National Diaspora Policy intends to create the most conducive conditions so as to strengthen ties and dialogue between the Government of the Republic of Burundi and the Burundian diaspora (Burundians living abroad and their descendants) who li...Read more

Politique Nationale de la Diaspora de la Republique du Burundi

La Politique Nationale de la Diaspora entend créer les condictions les plus favorables pour renforcer les liens et le dialogue entre le Gouvernement de la Républic du Burundi et la diaspora burundaise (les Burundais établis à l'étranger ainsi que ...Read more

Law for Diaspora - Albania

The object of this law is to define the rules for: a) The competencies of the state authorities responsible for relations with the Diaspora; b) The method of maintaining, strengthening and realizing diaspora links with the country of origin; c) Th...Read more
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